• March 19th, 2013
  • Posted by sam

How to Choose a Colour Scheme

Are you sick of your neutral walls, or perhaps you are living with a colour scheme chosen by the previous tenant or owner? One way to put your own stamp on your house is to redecorate. Many people though, are scared of taking the plunge and going for colour – choosing a colour scheme can be one of the most difficult decorating decisions.


The easiest way to find colours that work together is to choose different shades of the same colour. This can work especially well for blues, reds and pinks.

Natural themes

Another option is to choose a theme from nature – spring (greens and yellows), autumn (reds, oranges and browns) or ocean colours (blues, greys and greens).

Complimentary colours

These are colours that naturally work well together (for example red and green). Complementary colours are colours that sit opposite one other on the colour wheel. You can print a colour wheel out from the Internet or buy one from your local art store.

Use what you have

If you are on a budget or don’t want to change your furniture and accessories you might want to use your soft furnishings or artworks as inspiration for your colour scheme. What are the main colours in your curtains, sofas, cushions, throws and pictures? Use something similar. It can help to photograph the thing you are using as inspiration and take the photo with you to the DIY store to compare with paint charts and wallpapers.

Sam Wright is a freelance writer working for HGS Painting and Decorating